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Meet the Staff – Matt’s Walks

Sponsored walk


Hi – I’m Matt and together with Simon we will be doing a walk from Skegness to Nottingham, around 90 to 100 miles, starting on Wednesday July 30th and ending on Sunday August 3rd.  This walk is in aid of McMillan Nurses, who support Cancer sufferers and their families.   We are hoping to raise in excess of £2000.00 with sponsorship and donations.


My reason for doing this walk is that I was diagnosed with liver cancer in July 2013 and realising I may require the McMillan nurses to support myself and my family.  So knowing this I decided to do an official walk and was joined by Simon and members of my family in September 2013 and raised approximately £600.00.  Since then my family have also raised funds of £250.00 by running two coffee and cake events.


After doing these events it boosted not only my morale but also my families.   After these events I decided to continue with fund raising for this fabulous cause.  This is why I decided to do a longer walk.


More to follow ……….

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